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The Author

Award-winning author and life coach Ozgur K. Sahin was born in Turkey, raised in the United States, and currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  With a strong independent study background in astrophysics, developmental psychology, consciousness, history, his writing focus is on discovery in all its forms.  From self-discovery to exploration to unraveling intrigue and mystery, a passion for discovering new (and old) things drives both his writing and his life coaching practice.


His first novel, The Wrath of Brotherhood (first book in the Brethren of the Spanish Main series) was first published in November, 2013.  True Colors, the sequel volume, published in late 2019.  He is currently working on the final volume of the series and is planning other projects in other genres such as social commentary, self-discovery and science fiction. 


Ozgur regularly attends fan conventions, book fairs, and young writers conferences as a vendor, panelist, and speaker.  He is just as likely to be seen talking with someone about life as he is to be seen talking smack over coffee and cribbage. 

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Latest Release

Captain Roy Toppings' search for vengeance takes an unexpected turn, as deeper undercurrents are revealed in the Caribbean balance of powers.  Ajuban and Coya must decide whether their paths coincide with Roy's.

The second book in the Brethren of the Spanish Main series, True Colors is out in both eBook and hardcover formats, complete with both color and black and white maps. 

True Colors, the sequel to The Wrath of Brotherhood, delves more fully and directly into Roy's quest for vengeance and the various interests and factions at odds in the Caribbean.  The story has unexpected plot twists and is more complex than the first, as it makes good on much of the hints and foreshadowing in The Wrath of Brotherhood.  It won second place in the BookFest Awards for Historical Nautical Fiction in the fall of 2023.


First Release

Captain Roy Toppings and his privateer crew navigate between political intrigue and military invasion as Roy seeks vengeance for his sister's death in the Restoration-era Caribbean colonies.

The first book in the Brethren of the Spanish Main series, The Wrath of Brotherhood was originally released as an eBook in November, 2013 with a hardcover edition following in June, 2015.  It was the Historical Novel Society's Editor's Choice for 2015, and was longlisted against 19 other books for their 2015 Indie Book of the Year award. 


Written for an adult audience, The Wrath of Brotherhood has nevertheless gained a strong adolescent following.  With only moderate piratey violence portrayed, this is a story appropriate for a wide range of readers.


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