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About Me

I have been a writer since I was 18 years old, and have always been interested in all forms of discovery, whether internal or external, scientific, idealistic, or psychological.  Discouraged by the plodding, unhelpful, and artificially competitive atmosphere of undergraduate studies at research universities, I left my formal studies in astrophysics and focused on exploration through writing, meditation, and independent study of history, the sciences, and consciousness itself.

My first book, The Wrath of Brotherhood, while considered historical fiction, was preceded by much unfinished writing of fantasy, self-discovery, and the beginnings of some science fiction.  It won the Historical Novel Society's Editor's Choice Award in 2015 shortly before I released the hardcover version.


I released True Colors, the second book in the Brethren of the Spanish Main series, right before the Covid lockdowns and have been relaunching it since things opened back up again.  True Colors won Second Place in the fall 2023 BookFest Awards for Historical Nautical Fiction.  I am now working on the third and final book in the series, as well as concurrent nonfiction.

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