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Buried Treasures

Check here for links to other projects and past appearances like my radio interviews and weekly column. 


NOTE:  Currently, several of these links appear to be disconnected from their sound files on the originating sites.  My "Under The Crossbones" and "Books & Brews" appearances are still fully functional.  Keep an eye out for updates on upcoming podcast and YouTube appearances in the works!

Calamities Press Column - Elitism For All
My weekly column on the Calamities Press emagazine called "Elitism For All" is now defunct due to closure of the parent website.  However, I intend to reboot the column (possibly here) complete with all the old articles.  This was a critical and social commentary column, so watch this space if you're into my non-fiction!
A Kind Voice (Interview)


Catch my interview on A Kind Voice and hear me talk about my book and what went into writing it, convention experiences, narcissism, and other social and literary topics. You can even hear me read a short excerpt from my book (don't worry, there aren't any big spoilers!).


This interview is Episode 34 of A Kind Voice on Books.

A Kind Voice (Discussion) - Genres and Mothers in Fiction
Check out Episode 36 of A Kind Voice on Books, in which Eden Blackwell and I discuss the role of mothers in fiction, as well as some potentially confusing or misunderstood genre names!
A Kind Voice (Discussion) - Censorship and Series
Check out Episode 37 of A Kind Voice on Books, in which Eden Blackwell and I discuss censorship and take a look at what it means to read or write a book series!
Back Porch Writer (Interview) - Self-publishing and Sales
Check out Episode 216 of Back Porch Writer, in which host Kori Miller asks questions about self-publishing, sales, marketing, and the inspiration to write.
Under the Crossbones (Podcast Interview) - Why Privateers, and Why Karaoke?
Check out Episode 97 of Under the Crossbones, in which host Phil Johnson asks me why I chose to write about privateers, how my other interests factor in, and why I do things like karaoke at conventions.  UNDER THE CROSSBONES is an all-pirate themed weekly podcast, so for all my pirate fans, check it out!  There are some great guests to hear from there.
Books and Brews (Podcast Interview) with author Laura Vosika and cicerone Matthew Agnew
I recently appeared on my friend Laura's podcast with her co-host Matthew.  This is a fun little show where different kids of beer are selected to pair with the sections each author reads, and it was fun for me to see what was selected on the boozy side (especially as I did, in fact, create a cocktail in book 2).  Check out their work as well, after you catch the episode!
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