Buried Treasures

Check here for links to other projects and past appearances like my radio interviews and weekly column.

Calamities Press Column - Elitism For All
My weekly column on the Calamities Press emagazine called "Elitism For All" is now defunct due to closure of the parent website.  However, I intend to reboot the column (possibly here) complete with all the old articles.  This was a critical and social commentary column, so watch this space if you're into my non-fiction!
A Kind Voice (Interview)


Catch my interview on A Kind Voice and hear me talk about my book and what went into writing it, convention experiences, narcissism, and other social and literary topics. You can even hear me read a short excerpt from my book (don't worry, there aren't any big spoilers!).


This interview is Episode 34 of A Kind Voice on Books.

A Kind Voice (Discussion) - Genres and Mothers in Fiction
Check out Episode 36 of A Kind Voice on Books, in which Eden Blackwell and I discuss the role of mothers in fiction, as well as some potentially confusing or misunderstood genre names!
A Kind Voice (Discussion) - Censorship and Series
Check out Episode 37 of A Kind Voice on Books, in which Eden Blackwell and I discuss censorship and take a look at what it means to read or write a book series!
Back Porch Writer (Interview) - Self-publishing and Sales
Check out Episode 216 of Back Porch Writer, in which host Kori Miller asks questions about self-publishing, sales, marketing, and the inspiration to write.
Under the Crossbones (Podcast Interview) - Why Privateers, and Why Karaoke?
Check out Episode 97 of Under the Crossbones, in which host Phil Johnson asks me why I chose to write about privateers, how my other interests factor in, and why I do things like karaoke at conventions.  UNDER THE CROSSBONES is an all-pirate themed weekly podcast, so for all my pirate fans, check it out!  There are some great guests to hear from there.


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