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The Books

The current works available (now in hardcover and eBook) are the first two books in the Brethren of the Spanish Main series.  The series is intended as a trilogy, so stay tuned for further updates on the final sequel as well as other unrelated works.

The Wrath of Brotherhood


After learning of his sister’s death at the hands of pirates, successful merchant Captain Roy Toppings sails to the Caribbean on a misguided mission of vengeance against the man who failed to protect her: her Spanish widower, Pablo Francisco. 


In the climate of the Restoration-era Caribbean colonies, where scheming and stealth could yield a prize as readily as boldness and firepower, Roy's vendetta lands him and his small but talented privateer crew in the middle of political intrigue and a deadly invasion in the West Indies as the nations of Europe struggle to consolidate power in anticipation of new monarchs in England and France.


When Spain prepares a strike that could jeopardize all other commercial interests in the Caribbean, Roy must risk losing his chance at vengeance to fight for his nation and his fellow Brethren of the Coast.


The Wrath of Brotherhood was the Historical Novel Society's Editor's Choice, and was thus long-listed for their Indie Book of the Year award with 19 other books.



True Colors 6x9 Cover Final.jpg
True Colors

After thwarting a Spanish invasion, privateer Captain Roy Toppings finds himself face to face with the object of his misguided vendetta.

However, details revealed in the aftermath of the battle and subsequent raids on weakened Spanish colonies shed new light on the circumstances of the death of Roy's beloved sister: someone is attacking French shipping as part of a conspiracy's larger design, and Constance may have been a casualty of their secrecy.

Unexpected allies emerge as Roy, Coya, and Ajuban uncover more of this syndicate's operations, even the destruction of Coya's home. Navigating between profit, self-interest, and justice, all must re-examine their purpose and decide if the truth is too high a price to pay for revenge.

True Colors won second place in the BookFest Awards for Historical Nautical Fiction in the fall of 2023.


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