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Events and Appearances for 2015

I'm a bit behind with updating everyone about what events I'll be attending, though part of that is due to looking for helpers and dealing with the search for a tent for outdoor events.

Nevertheless, I will be running a booth at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival throughout Labor Day Weekend, Sept 5-7th. My friend Gloria and I can be found in a tent in the International Bazaar area, and we're calling ourselves "Brethren of the Spanish Main" in honor of Passport To Adventure weekend. There will be some pirate focus, and as a 3-day weekend, it's a great time for me to be there. If you're out there, stop by and buy a copy of the hardcover book!

As for other events, I am not yet sure if I will be attending the Midwest Pirate Festival in Bellevue, Nebraska on Sept 26-27th or Nerdcon: Stories at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Oct 9-10th. Check here for further updates on those.

I WILL be attending:

-Archon in Saint Louis on Oct 2-4th.

-Valleycon in Fargo on Oct 16-18th.

-My friend Sheila will be running my booth at the Rain Taxi Book Festival on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on Oct 17th while I'm at Valleycon.

-Windycon in Chicago on Nov 13-15th.

Stay tuned for updates on my 2016 schedule and the two other events mentioned above. It is my sincere hope to be able to go to the Gasparilla Pirate Invasion/Festival at the end of January in Tampa, FL, but I'll need some help with that one!

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