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Pirate Day Discounts, Once Again!

It once again be the week o' September 19th, or Int'rnational Talk Like A Pirate Day as we calls it! Startin' today an' runnin' right through Friday the 23rd, me books be on sale fer cutthroat prices! It be the least I can do since me new book ain't put into port yet (but the editin' be comin' along).

Me Hardcov'r edition be just twenty doubloons ($19.99), and all me eBook editions be just a single doubloon ($0.99)! Now be the time to buy a whole winter cargo of 'em! Christmas be comin' up just after hurricane seas'n, an' I can't get to me holiday ornaments unless yeh helps me sell off some o' the books blockin' me path to 'em!

Shippin', o' course, still be charged, an' tax be laid on if yeh don't have the ship's hidey holes to smuggle 'em through in this 'ere state o' Minn'sota, but this opp'rtun'ty ain't a one to miss! The links be all over me page if yeh've a min' to loot a cargo what's practic'ly waitin' fer yeh.

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day, me hearties!

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