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At long last, True Colors, the sequel to The Wrath of Brotherhood, is in the production and design stages! The book is about 30% longer than the first, and has been undergoing a more thorough editing process, but I think you'll all agree it's worth the wait. You'll finally find out more about Roy's quest for vengeance, and the larger picture of what's really going on in the Caribbean will begin to unfold.

A note on the title: the phrase "true colors" originated from the nautical practice of sailing under "false colors"--or the flag of another nation or organization--and concealing a vessels "true colors" until desired. Much as the term has been co-opted by other works, I thought I'd bring it home to its roots with this work. Of course it has a dual meaning, so see if you can spot it as you read.

This isn't my first rodeo. I now know what it takes to design, print, and market a hardcover novel. As you can see, I've already commissioned and finished the cover. The maps will follow in coming weeks, and printing a book with 30% more pages will be proportionately more expensive. However, unlike my previous crowdfunding endeavor, I am using this GoFundMe campaign more as a pre-ordering tool. The prices will be lower than retail, bundling offers are a good deal, and you'll get the product whether or not the listed goal is reached.

EBooks are not available through this campaign, but they will be available for inexpensive purchase most likely around the time the physical ones begin the printing process.

Feel free to use the link below to visit the GoFundMe drive for this book, or click one of the many buttons found on my website. I'm doing this largely for my hundreds of fans, but you can still get The Wrath of Brotherhood by itself or bundled together with True Colors if you like, and at a good deal too!

Thank you all for your continued patience. I will be just as excited as you are to get this thing in my hands!

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