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Books and Brews Appearance

Hey all, I hope you're all staying safe during this pandemic. I've been consuming a lot of podcasts myself, and I even appeared on one hosted by my friend Laura Vosika. I met Laura at an author event back in 2014 and we've done a few events together as friends an colleagues, so it was a treat to be a guest on her show. I'll put the link below, but you can also check it out on my Buried Treasures page. I did a few readings from True Colors, and I had some fun banter with her and her co-host Matthew Agnew.

Beyond that, I'm lamenting the lack of events this year, but obviously I don't want Covid, so I hope anyone who wants copies of my sequel, True Colors, is ordering them online. So far, feedback has been highly complimentary, and I personally feel better about the book than my first. At the moment, aside from watching the country burn, I've been working a little on The Narcissist to English Dicitionary as well as outlining book 3 of my Brethren of the Spanish Main series. I never really had a proper book launch for True Colors, and I want to work on these two new works concurrently, so bear with me in the meantime. I hope to see you all at events next year, but let's not count our chickens just yet!

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