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True Colors Release and Ordering

Hello, all, I bring you good news and complicated news, so please read to the end.

True Colors, the second book in the Brethren of the Spanish Main series, is out! You can find the eBook links and the hardcover ordering site on my Books tab.

Now for the unusual part.

This design and shipment process was much more fraught than for The Wrath of Brotherhood. That is to say I still only have a partial order in, which Bookmasters shipped to me for ValleyCon. The rest will be shipping this week. I won't go into detail here, but Bookmasters has been much worse about communication and commitments this time around, and all these issues could have been easily avoided on their part. However, I'll soon be shipping books out to all of you who preordered and haven't picked up your copies, or don't intend to pick them up soon.

I have yet to contact The Source Comics and Games about a sales event, as I wasn't sure until literally yesterday when I'd be getting books. I'll post here and elsewhere when that is arranged.

EBooks were released on September 19th for International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I have continued to release them on Nook and Kobo platforms in addition to Kindle, but I have discontinued my iTunes releases. After all this time, Apple still insists that uploads and updates be done from an Apple device, and I'm tired of needing to borrow one from a friend. Even the last version of The Wrath of Brotherhood on iTunes is a prior version to the print edition.

ABOUT ORDERING: Please continue to order books through the GoFundMe site. Again, I won't get into details, but using them instead of PayPal is definitely easier for me. If, however, you need an alternate method, simply contact me privately or look on Amazon or eBay.

The Pocketmaps are delayed as well, due to miscommunications, but that is still being taken care of. If you get a book without the other items listed on the GoFundMe page, rest assured I will ship you the other items when they arrive.

I am very pleased with this book. It needs reviews, so if you enjoy it too, please leave a review. Now, on with the rest of the story!

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